Warwick and Marty

Warwick Field ACS & Marty Smith SOC

What a combo of instructors to help you learn how to operate and work with the wheels, both remotely and manually.

Warwick has been on the wheels for over 30 years and has worked with just about every remote head system out there. He has operated many films and series using geared heads for both International and Australian productions. His experience also takes in shooting hundreds of hours of aerials for drama, sport and wildlife on the wheels, and this helped raise his ability to the next level.

Marty is an ace wheels operator along with being renowned for his work with Steadicam. His body of work includes countless TVC’s and drama productions. Marty has a great knack of explaining complex things easily.

Between them you won’t be left needing answers. There’s not much they haven’t encountered from behind the wheels.

Upcoming Events

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Learn the 'Wheels': Remote and Geared Heads - One-Day Intensive

Saturday, May 27th, 2023
Have you ever wished you could 'jump' on the wheels and execute an incredible camera move using state of the art technology? To be able to accurately frame shots with precision and repeat the move over and over again reliably? This is your golden opportunity! Learn from highly experienced wheels camera operators during an intensive one day class that will cover all you need to know before you get started practising for perfection.