It is all about cinematography. Only. You won’t have to hold the microphone or help with the catering to advance your career in the camera department. The aim of ShotClass is to solely focus on the details and nuance of cinematography that allows participants the best opportunity to learn its art and technique at the highest level.

ShotClass Leaders and Legends

The DPs who lead the classes are award-winning, highly regarded professionals who may have shot one of your favourite cinematographic masterpieces. Camera Crew instructors have vast experience and can be relied upon to provide first rate knowledge and set-savvy smarts. Top level professional Gaffers, Grips and Camera Crew are there to support the instructor during the classes and share their experience with you too. All cameras, lenses, lighting, grip equipment & accessories are the best brands and most popular choices on today’s sets. Our suppliers and supporters also supply the industry’s foremost productions.

Our connections run deep. Those who instruct and demonstrate for us are from an elite group of practitioners. They are recognised industry leaders and legends with enviable careers. They are current and up-to-date with modern cinematography trends and best practice.

Our interactive ShotClass events allow the knowledge to go both ways. We can all learn from one another. We all have something good to share. ShotClass curates. That’s what makes the standard of our Intensives and Masterclasses world-class.

What can you expect from ShotClass?

Launch your career as an emerging DP. Or add to your skillset and ability as an experienced DP. Climb the ladder up the camera department. Discover new methods. Improve your employability. Add specialities to your resumé. Trial processes and take risks you can’t do on set. We share the depth of knowledge attained by both teachers and participants by comparing notes and experiences during relaxed conversation. Classes offer a great opportunity to meet new crew who you may want to work with in the future – and you’ll have first-hand experience watching the way they work. And you may leave a good impression with somebody that could lead to a new project for you.

ShotClass can lead to lifelong friendships and professional relationships. It will feel like you’re part of an exclusive club. Which you kind of are.

Classes are intended for people 18 years +, only. If you are aged 16 or 17 years old and are interested in attending, please contact ShotClass to enquire about how this may be possible.

I hope you find the chance to engage with ShotClass. I’m confident it will be rewarding. We are based in Melbourne, Australia. Some events will be staged in other major cities in the near future.

Remember, for most participants working in the industry, our events are Tax Deductible, so you could end up effectively paying nothing to build your knowledge and gain more work. Check with your Tax Agent or Accountant. Find out more here.

Warwick Field ACS.

Are you a HotShot?

Our ShotClass HotShots offer. Any returning ShotClass event participant is eligible for a special discount on most of our events. If you have previously completed one or more of our events, you are an automatic ‘HotShot’ and can purchase your ticket for less. It’s our way of saying thanks for participating.

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And that’s a wrap on the 2nd AC Certificate Course 2024. Final day of revision and exam. It was a great opportunity to check over our learnings from the last fortnight. @shotclass_cine @austcine.vic @austcine @lemac_australia @hazchem_666 @warwickfield @sonyprofilmmaking
Sun Studios hosted our ShotClass+ACS 2nd AC course running us through the Canon Cine camera series. The afternoon was Bradley Andrew teaching us all about data management. Great day
@shotclass_cine @sunstudios @canonaustralia @hazchem_666 @bradleyandrew7
It’s not long till this course starts. Join Now
1st AC/Focus Puller 5-Day Masterclass 2024
February 26th - March 1st, 2024

The role of the 1st AC is arguably one of the toughest jobs on set:
Camera Department Manager
Master Focus Puller, keeping it all sharp no matter the challenges
Tech guru, knows all the gear inside-out
Organisational genius
Quality Control leader
Prepared for the inevitable and expecting the unexpected
It’s no wonder when a DP finds a great 1st AC, they want them alongside on every project they do.
Day 2 in progress. Lots to get through at VA Hire on the ShotClass + ACS 2nd AC Course. Alexa Mini LF build and media management. Camera sheets, video split. 26 eyeballs and ears paying 100% attention. Big thanks to @va_digital @hazchem_666 @austincharlesgilbert. @shotclass_cine @austcine @austcine.vic @arriaustralia
ShotClass + ACS 2nd AC Certificate Course is under way again! Ten jam packed days ahead. Todays host is @va_digital  Facilitator is @hazchem_666 and ably supported by @newmans88 @shotclass_cine @austcine.vic @austcine
Last chance to apply. Closes tomorrow. Don’t say we didn’t let you know. 🎬
Link in bio 
@shotclass_cine @tvh_rentals @lemac_australia @panavisionofficial @offshoot_  @va_digital @cameraquip
Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas?

Are you struggling to think what to get that filmy friend?
Guess what, ShotClass has Gift Vouchers.
What better gift than the gift of education?
ShotClass gift vouchers are an excellent way to help somebody into a course that can help them learn skills, become more employable and advance their career. We have a selection of different values and you can pick and choose to give exactly the amount you want.
And if you want one or two for yourself, why not sneak a friend or relative a cheeky link to these vouchers??
Gift vouchers can be used for all ShotClass events and products, and they are valid for a full 3 years, so there’s plenty of time to decide which events to attend.
Link in bio or visit the ShotClass website
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