Gift Certificates

What better gift than the gift of education?

ShotClass gift certificates are an excellent way to help somebody into a course that can teach them new skills, allow them to become more employable and advance their career. We have a selection of different certificate values, so you can pick and choose to give exactly the amount you like.

And if you want one or two for yourself, why not sneak a friend or relative a cheeky link to these certificates??

Gift certificates can be used for all ShotClass events and products, and they are valid for a full 3 years, so there’s plenty of time to decide which events to attend. Any unused value of the certificate remains valid until the expiry date.

*Purchases are securely handled by TryBooking, and all funds are retained by them until redemption. Event bookings must be made using the TryBooking option for payment. See our Disclaimer for all details.