ShotClass Cinematography Intensives & Masterclasses Disclaimer & Policy

There’s an element of risk putting on any sort of live event, both for us and you, so please read the information below. It’ll only take a minute.

‘ShotClass’ (we, us, our) is the entity that owns and organises all ShotClass events. It may also include our crew, employees, suppliers and service providers.

“Event’ means all Courses, Intensives, Masterclasses, Workshops, Panels and Product Spotlights, that is, any event ShotClass produces and conducts under our name.

“Participant’ (you, your) is a customer of ShotClass who attends an event as a student or attendee.

DISCLAIMER AND POLICY. These are the Terms & Conditions that relate to ShotClass and its events.

1. Cancellations and Postponements.

1.1. ShotClass reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course for any reason at any time. If a course is cancelled by ShotClass, participants will receive a full refund of the event price paid, excluding any booking fees if applicable. If a course is postponed for a period of up to 90 days after the original starting date, ShotClass will offer the participant the option of a full refund or hold their place and retain their fees. In the case of a postponement where the participant chooses to hold their place, if the price of the event changes, the participant will either be refunded the difference or required to pay the additional difference in fees.

1.2. If an event has commenced but cannot be completed, ShotClass will make every effort to reschedule/vary the event so it may be completed. If it is not possible to complete, ShotClass will partially refund or provide a credit note at its discretion, based on the outcome. We will do whatever is possible to attempt to provide a high quality event to the participants.

1.3. ShotClass recommends that participants confirm that the event is going ahead before booking their travel or accommodation (unless it is fully flexible and cancellable). We will not be held responsible to cover any out-of-pocket expenses such as travel, accommodation or loss of income should a course be cancelled or postponed.

2. Participant Withdrawals and Fee Refunds.

2.1. ShotClass events are confirmed once we have attained the minimum number of paid attendees required to run the event. At that point, we have financially committed to our instructors, crew and other expenses and bookings are locked. If a participant requests to withdraw after that point, we are already obligated to meet our expenses, and also other applicants may have missed out due to small class sizes. For this reason, the following conditions apply regarding refunds.

Unless otherwise stated for a particular event:

2.2. Participants may withdraw from an event up to 15 days prior to commencement of the event, for any reason, by notifying ShotClass by email prior to that date, and receive a full refund of the event price paid (or any advance part payment for split fees), excluding any booking fees (if applicable). Email us: [email protected]

2.3. Participants who withdraw within 15 days of the commencement of the event will receive NO REFUND of the fees paid in total. However, in exceptional circumstances, ShotClass may exercise its option to refund or credit the attendee based on compassionate grounds. Usually, when the event is at or near capacity, if we can fill your place we will refund you.

2.4. Events that are ‘non-refundable’ include longer courses and highly sought after events that require participants to commit so as not to disadvantage others wanting to attend. In this case, ShotClass will not refund any full or part fee, unless: 1. The event is cancelled or postponed. 2. On compassionate grounds we choose to refund in part or in full. This will NOT include circumstances such as work commitments, domestic or social obligations, or change of mind. Refunds will not include any fees charged by third party booking agencies such as TryBooking.

3. ShotClass ‘HotShots’.

3.1. Returning participants who have attended one or more ShotClass event are eligible for a lower fee for most events. This offer is a loyalty-based program to reward paying participants and attendees for continued support of ShotClass events. It does NOT apply to ShotClass staff or employees. Participants who have paid and completed eligible events automatically qualify as ‘HotShots’. Other discount fee options such as ACS Member or Full-Time Student takes precedence over HotShot status. That is, if you are eligible for a discount under other offers, they will be applied ahead of HotShot discounts. Ineligible events include free and low fee events. The offer stands for up to 24 months after completion of the most recent event attended by the participant or attendee. 

4. General Statements.

4.1. ShotClass events require participants and attendees to complete an online Registration Form OR Application Form AND Registration Form (if accepted). These are mandatory. Any details that change between completing the forms and the commencement of the event must be made known to ShotClass. Some events including panels and free events may not require Registration.

4.2. Your place on a ShotClass event is NOT CONFIRMED until full payment has been received. If you are offered a deposit payment, your place is secure up until the date the balance becomes due. If no payment has been received at the time the event reaches capacity, your place will be cancelled regardless of completion of the Registration Form.

4.3. Your place on a ShotClass event is NOT TRANSFERABLE to anyone else without prior approval by ShotClass.

4.4. ShotClass events are intended for adults over the age of 18 years unless stated on the event webpage. People under the age of 18 years wishing to attend an event should check with ShotClass first and will need to be accompanied by an adult, unless specified otherwise.

4.5. Course and Workshop components, modules, lecturers, crew, equipment, venues and locations may be subject to change at any time. ShotClass will do its utmost to deliver the course as described but cannot guarantee that some aspects may need to change, be replaced or removed from the course.

4.6. Your attendance at any ShotClass event implies your acceptance of our policies, terms and conditions, importantly including your agreement NOT to copy, share, steal or plagiarise ANY element of ShotClass IP and its event content. Any breach will be dealt with severely under the law.

4.7. ShotClass reserves the right to refuse entry to the course to any applicant at its discretion for any reason.

4.8. ShotClass may take photographs and record video/audio of events. Unless you let us know, we assume your consent to capture your image and voice. If you do not wish to have your image used for publicity, please advise the ShotClass coordinator.

4.9. All events are conducted in the English language. Some classes may be fast paced and include quite technical jargon. ShotClass advises all participants that they should be confident and proficient in communicating in English in order to gain the most from classes and keep up with the information. Events cannot be slowed down or recapped continually to allow for a participant having difficulty following in English.

4.10. ShotClass Cinematography Events (Courses, Intensives, Masterclasses and Workshops) are conducted under the same codes and practices that apply to all Australian workplaces.

4.11. ShotClass is committed to providing a welcoming experience and access to events for everyone, regardless of your skill level, experience or needs. This includes physical venue access and consideration for people from diverse and marginalised groups as well as people with disabilities. As far as practicable, we take into account the special requirements of our participants and providers. Some events are simply not able to be modified to allow full accessibility. ShotClass is not able to provide support staff or carers for participants or providers, but will happily allow carers access to events free of charge, space permitting. Please contact us if you have any special requirements before booking an event.

4.12. Covid19. ShotClass follows all recommendations from local health authorities as safe practice. Participants are reminded to take precautions to protect themselves and practice all good measures to prevent spread. If a participant cannot attend an event in part or in full due to any form of ill-health, the guidelines for withdrawing from events (above) apply. ShotClass will not be held responsible for any participant who contracts Covid19, nor any other type of infection or disease, while attending an event.

4.13. We want this to be a rewarding, safe and enjoyable experience for all involved. ShotClass will not tolerate any form of discrimination, abuse, unacceptable or inappropriate behaviour or harassment. Everyone attending a ShotClass event, including crew and staff, should feel safe and comfortable being there. Participants, instructors, crew and providers must not be under the effect of drugs or alcohol at any time during the course hours. Standard No Smoking policies apply. After fair warning, ShotClass reserves the right to dismiss participants without refund if they fail to comply with these expectations. Regarding safety, consider the working environment and come dressed accordingly, keeping in mind changing weather and potential hazards. Well-fitting, secure, closed footwear must be worn at all times. If any situation seems unsafe make the course coordinator aware immediately.

4.14. Participants should be aware that our courses may use tools and equipment that could cause harm if used inappropriately and should refrain from handling any such equipment unless invited to. Course environments may also be hazardous, so care should be taken when moving around to avoid injury. Safety first!

5. Gift Certificates

5.1. ShotClass Gift Certificates can be redeemed for all events and products, unless specifically stated, to the Australian dollar value written on the certificate. They are valid for 36 months from the date of purchase.  Any unused value of the certificate remains valid until the expiry date. They are non-refundable, but ShotClass may choose to refund a buyer at its discretion.  The certificates are purchased through TryBooking, a third party ticket seller. Bookings and purchases may only be made through the TryBooking website. TryBooking charges a fee to supply the certificates. Those fees are retained by TryBooking and any refund, should it be given, will exclude refund of the fees. ShotClass itself charges no fees to use the certificates. Keep the certificate secure: once a certificate has been redeemed it becomes invalid, regardless of who made the booking. 

6. Liability Waiver.

6.1. ShotClass holds a Public Liability insurance policy but it does NOT cover any participants or employees against any physical or mental injury or damage they may sustain during any of our events, either to their person or property. ShotClass recommends that participants and employees should manage their own insurance needs.