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Specialised content.
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Taught by industry leaders and legends.
For all camera professionals.

This is different.

Don’t expect the simplified, basic classes that cater for general filmmakers. This is ours! This is just for cinematographers and camera crew who take themselves seriously. This is for those who aim to be exceptional. If you want to stand out at what you do, this is the right place. ShotClass specialises in education and demonstration with a focus on career advancement for cinematographers and camera crew. Short and sharp and to the point – teaching only and precisely what you want to learn, right now. Whether your ambition is to broaden your knowledge, move up the ladder or develop a speciality, ShotClass has the resources to help.

Our tailored events allow you to refine and build on your skills to achieve a deeper understanding of all aspects of cinematography and roles within the camera department at a world-class standard.

Investing in your future through advanced education is vital. And for most, our events are tax deductible, so they could effectively be free. Many aspiring international film crew place great value in high level learning to achieve their successes. You can too. Never stop improving. Your career depends on it.

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*  The 2nd AC Certificate Course is done! What an amazing fortnight

*  ShotClass GIFT CERTIFICATES are now available.

*  1st AC Course moves to April. Apply now


the art and technique of cinematography


the skills and roles of the camera department


in the collective wisdom of your colleagues


ShotClass | 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller Masterclass | 2024

If you aim to take yourself to that top-level of 1st AC's, and be in-demand, you need to have the training and skillset to achieve that goal. ShotClass can help with this 5-day masterclass. Every aspect of the course is designed to offer the participants the best opportunity to reach their full potential - quickly. And the methods and processes we teach are industry best-practice, so that means that what you take away at the end of the week, will be in line with the most professional camera departments out there.