2nd AC Course Instructors and Guest Speakers

The 2024 course will be led by industry legend, 2nd AC, HAZAL ALAKUS.

Hazal is notably one of the busiest and highly regarded 2nd AC’s in Australia, and tends to go from production to production, working on the biggest shows in town. Learning from Hazal, and as she hosts the other instructors, will be an incredible opportunity and very rare. We are extremely fortunate to have her on board.

There are numerous specialist instructors and guest speakers involved over the 10 days. They are ALL actual crew and technicians currently working in the industry. While some of the people who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with you have led formally-run courses in the past, they don’t spend the majority of their time teaching. And so, they have different approaches – but love to share.  You will find a mix of personalities. Some will be extroverts while others quieter. Some will have firm opinions about certain things while others more bipartisan. Some can talk underwater, others not so much. BUT every one of them is passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about what they do and if you take the opportunity, you will learn things others rarely have the chance to, even those who work with them. On set it is ‘all go’ and there’s rarely enough time to explain the “whys and wherefores”.

As it’s a 2nd AC Course, most of those instructing are 1st and 2nd AC’s who are all very experienced. Facilitators have all been AC’s at some stage, and have a very thorough knowledge.

These very same people may be the ones you work with in your career, so the connections made over the 2 weeks are extremely valuable. Some may offer further consultation or mentoring at the conclusion of the course should you have follow-up enquiries.

Upcoming Events

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ShotClass + ACS | 2nd Assistant Camera Certificate Course | January 2024

January 29th - February 3rd (Week 1) & February 5th - February 9th (Week 2)
If you are serious about becoming a top level professional 2nd AC, this course will help get you there. A great 2nd AC not only knows how to do their job, they are consistently attentive, reliable, responsible and focussed. A team player. Many previous alumni are now actively working as 2AC's and beyond.