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Peter James ACS ASC

(Black Robe, Driving Miss Daisy, Paradise Road, Alive, Meet The Parents, Diabolique, 27 Dresses, Mao’s Last Dancer, Ladies in Black… and much, much more.)

Peter James ACS ASC is internationally renowned for his beautiful cinematography and stills photography. He is an AFI/AACTA Award Winner and an inductee into the ACS Hall of Fame. Peter is one of Australia’s pre-eminent cinematographers with an extensive career shooting Feature Films both for the USA and Australia, as well as high-end, award-winning commercials for cinema and television. His images are exquisite. His portraiture composition and lighting unmatched.

Peter is a true master of his craft, a passionate educator and sharer of his vast knowledge. Having the opportunity to learn from legends like Peter should be grasped with both hands.

See Peter’s full bio: Peter James ACS ASC IMDB

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Peter James ACS ASC - Two Day Masterclass

March 18th - 19th, 2023
A rare opportunity. Spend two full days with master cinematographer, Peter James ACS ASC as he takes you through setting up and shooting a variety of scenes. The filming will take place both Interior and Exterior at practical locations and will include day and night interiors and a night exterior. Exactly what those scenarios are remains open. Peter's creative mind may see opportunity that will shape the day. That is the gift of the cinematographer's eye. You will be a part of the decision-making process. With him we will explore composition and lighting. Two simple words for a million ideas.