Grant Sweetnam

Grant Sweetnam

Having worked across all types of Film and TV projects for many years, Grant is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable 1st AC /Focus Puller. He is also a great communicator and ready to share his knowledge with all who are keen to learn.

Grant’s resumé is impressive. His work has taken him through TVC’s, TV Drama, Feature Films, Documentary and more. This wide selection of genres results in a Camera Assistant who is well-rounded and ready for anything – big or small. His credits as 1st AC include: The Clearing, Shantaram, Savage River, Spreadsheet, The Newsreader, With Intent, Preacher, Ride Like A Girl and Five Bedrooms.

It is hardly any wonder Grant is in such high demand and so well respected by his colleagues and the cinematographers he assists. Take advantage of what he has to share with you.

See Grant’s IMDB here

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