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Focus Pulling Bootcamp Sessions

Date: April 15, 16, 17, 18 or 19, 2024. Sessions from 1pm - 5pm
Duration: 4 hours
Cost: $495 per session. *Tertiary Film School Students, get in contact with ShotClass for a further, limited discount.
Location: Monster & Bear Studios, 13 - 19 Leslie St, Brunswick VIC 3056
Class Size: 4
Suitability: Focus Pullers, 2nd AC's, Camera Assistants, Cinematography Students
HotShot Qualifier?: No

ShotClass is introducing bite-sized focus pulling practicals for crew wanting to learn or improve their focus pulling skill-set to a high professional level. These fast-paced, intensive training sessions will allow participants to improve their focus pulling skills fast and get job-ready in the shortest possible time, for a low cost outlay.

Running with our 1st AC/Focus Puller 5-Day Certificate Masterclass, these 4 hour sessions offer participants the chance to learn alongside the certificate course students with access to the same instructors and equipment. ShotClass recommends that anyone wanting to become an ‘in-demand, top-level’ 1st AC/Focus Puller, should attend the whole 5-Day masterclass instead. But if you don’t have the time, already work as an AC, and your goal is only improving your focussing ability, this will suit you.

All cameras and accessories are industry standard with special extra support directly from ARRI Australia as well. The gear you train on here will be the gear you find on the top-level shoots. Participants will practice and learn all types of shots from tripods, dollies, gimbals/steadicam and hand held.

The Focus Pulling Bootcamp sessions are available to be booked, without application, in 4 hour blocks on the afternoons of each of the 5 days. The 5-Day Certificate Course morning sessions, special privileges, ARRI purchase discounts and other valuable 1st AC tuition is not included as part of this bootcamp. Instead, you can learn and practice advanced focus pulling skills on their own. Choose from 1 – 5 afternoon sessions. We suggest 2 to 3 sessions for the best opportunity for improvement. But if you’re already pretty good, one may be enough!

The level of difficulty and challenge increases each day from Day 1, so if you have little or no focus experience, we recommend attending Day 1 or Day 2 before attempting any of the last 3 days, or you may find it too challenging. Contact us to find out more detail about each day’s coverage.

ShotClass prides itself on presenting the highest quality classes of their type. To achieve that, we pay good fees to instructors so we can secure the best people to teach you. We hire in the highest quality equipment – just like the gear on big sets right now, not old retired stuff from a decade ago or poor quality ‘knock-offs’.. We allow enough time for you to really learn. And we do it in the right venues. All this leads to success for you and return for your investment. Our events are for those who are serious about advancing their careers and winning the top jobs. Is that you?

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ShotClass_1st AC Instructors

1st AC Masterclass Instructors

This team will blow you away with their knowledge, talent, aptitude, technical abilities, set-savvy and real-world film set experience.

Led by industry legend, 1st AC Angelo Sartore, who has been instrumental in helping put this masterclass together. Ange has been a 1st AC for ‘quite a while’ and has an incredibly deep knowledge of the craft. He began with film cameras and embraced digital cinema cameras when they hit their strides. He has worked across feature films TV drama and commercials. He is also an expert technician specialising in repair and maintenance of fluid and geared tripod heads and he makes the best cables you can get your hands on.

Alongside Angelo, will be Kitty May Allwood, Keir Suggett and Lisa Cushing. All of them have their own ways of working, all of them brilliant at their jobs, all of them plenty to teach you.

Kitty May Allwood (Ricky Stanicky, Woody Wood Pecker, La Brea, BlueBack, Jack Irish) is one of Australia’s most in demand 1st AC’s and came up through the ranks becoming expert at everything she took on. Kitty’s reputation has allowed her the opportunity to work with a large number of DP’s on a variety of different genres. The result is broad knowledge and fun anecdotes.

Keir Suggett (Better Man, Foe, Shantaram, Blacklight, Bloom, Halifax Retribution) has over 20 years experience working as a Focus Puller in Australia, the UK and the USA. Keir is regarded as one of the most capable and versatile 1st AC’s for long form as well as TVC’s etc. There are a lot of DP’s who have him at the top of their list. His equipment knowledge is incredible. And he loves to share.

Lisa Cushing (The Clearing, 2030 – Regenerate, Newsreader, Wentworth). Lisa is the next gen of 1st AC’s having achieved a stellar rise since moving on from 2AC’ing. She is also a Steadicam Operator and Gimbal Operator. Proudly I can say Lisa is one of the alumni from the first ever 2nd AC course we ran and an example of the success that can be achieved with proper training, drive, determination, hard work (and ShotClass…) 🙂

This team is subject to change based on availability. At time of publishing, all these instructors are on board. Any changes will include equally amazing crew